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If you are experiencing set back after set back and you feel stuck, frustrated or overwhelmed, an Evox session can help you to breakthrough so that you can position yourself to experience better results in every area of your life!Learn More
If your energy is low and you’re feeling tired long before the end of your day, it’s possible you need to experience Zyto to rebuild the damage to your system which is adversely affecting your energy, nutrition and optimal health.Learn More
This is truly a lifesaver! If you want to learn what’s stressing out your body, SCIO Biofeedback will not only tell you what’s wrong but it will help to correct and de-stress your body quickly and effortlessly.Learn More
When your body pain is massive (from body injuries and chronic pain), you’ll likely need deep tissue bodywork that eliminates the pain and increases your body flexibility. Over a series of sessions, structural integration will “unwind” what’s been wound and causes you substantial pain.Learn More

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What Client’s Say

“Trina is a Master Healer! She is totally spot on with her intuition, and awareness of what the body needs to heal. She is brilliant and integrates several modalities from ‘quantum bio-feedback’ to ‘recall healing emotional releases.’ She is keenly aware that the body has the ability to heal itself, and her work supports you in restoring yourself to perfect health and harmony.”
Sheila Gale
“I haven’t felt like this in 50 years! Trina has greatly helped me have more energy and overall health!
Trina is a phenomenal healer. She is continually improving her knowledge and skills so that she is on the cutting edge of new healing techniques. She is kind, loving, compassionate, wise, and is one of the best and most effective healers in this area.”
Holland G.