Feeling foggy, fat, and fatigued?
Do your hormones feel like a train wreck?
Are you gaining weight even though you  
eat well and exercise?
Did you know these are all symptoms of excessive toxicity???

Chances are you have been collecting toxins deep inside your cells for a long, long time.  Just getting  ready for work in the morning, we have bombards our bodies with over 500 chemicals from lotions, potions and cosmetics. This adds up year after year and creates deep cellular inflammation and Metabolic Chaos!

Take the Toxicity Quiz now to understand how toxic you are!  Then set up a free 30 minute chat with Trina, the Root Cause Warrior, to find out WHAT type of toxins are zapping your mojo!

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What Clients Say

“Trina is a Master Healer! She is totally spot on with her intuition, and awareness of what the body needs to heal. She is brilliant and integrates several modalities from ‘quantum bio-feedback’ to ‘recall healing emotional releases.’ She is keenly aware that the body has the ability to heal itself, and her work supports you in restoring yourself to perfect health and harmony.”
Sheila Gale
“I haven’t felt like this in 50 years! Trina has greatly helped me have more energy and overall health!
Trina is a phenomenal healer. She is continually improving her knowledge and skills so that she is on the cutting edge of new healing techniques. She is kind, loving, compassionate, wise, and is one of the best and most effective healers in this area.”
Holland G.